Providing full service legal representation in civil court to lifers and their families.

Review the following questions to determine if you have civil legal claims that the Lifer Legal Clinic can help with:


  • Did one or both of your parents pass away while you were incarcerated?

    • Do you believe that your parents left you an inheritance that you never received?

    • Have you tried to gain access to your inheritance but been denied?

  • Did you own property or a business before you were incarcerated?

    • Was that property or business transferred or sold while you were in prison?

    • Should the proceeds of that sale or transfer gone to you?

  • Was any property kept in trust for you before you were incarcerated?

    • Have you been unable to locate or access that property?
  • Were you receiving alimony, insurance payouts, public benefits, or other regular payments before you were incarcerated?

    • Did these payments continue to the correct family member during the course of your incarceration?

    • Have you noticed any strange expenses or debts that were attributed to you while you were in prison?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, you may have civil legal claims worth tens of thousands of dollars.